Perfect Gift for The Mini Traveler

The world is yours.  The moon & stars too...

The world is yours. The moon & stars too...

When was the last time you touched a globe? If you're anything like me, I haven't put my hands on a globe in a really long time!

Thanks to Kidzlane, they have reimagined this staple learning tool in a really cool way. This "Transformer globe" as Lukas likes to call it, transitions between a classic globe of the earth's view to a celestial globe at night automatically!  Showing all the constellations in the night's sky. 

Kidzlane Globe Everythingkrys-5.JPG

I was teaching him about the continents, oceans and countries on a flat map and now, I can see him instantly grasping the concept of where these countries are in relationship to each other in a whole new way.

As a traveling family,  I think its important for our children to not just enjoy the places we travel to, but understand the geography as well. 

I love this globe and think it would be a perfect gift for any child would loves to learn or is into the solar system as much as Lukas is.

It triples as a pretty cool night light too!

Kidzlane Globe Everythingkrys-2.JPG
New York, USA, North America

New York, USA, North America

Lisbon, Portugal, Europe

Lisbon, Portugal, Europe