I'm #everythingkrys

Hello Everyone!


Welcome to #everythingkrys

It's a new year (yes, I still think it's ok to say "Happy New Year", mid February) and my resolution is to trash the idea of perfection. I just realized that the concept of perfection is actually a negative thing, when for years, I thought it was a great quality to have. I've lost myself in this habit of waiting for the perfect moment to start so many things in my life and it just recently dawned on me that this notion of perfection is a trap that has halted the progression of so many cool ideas I've had, this being one of them!

They say to change, you must first have understanding. Now that I understand that that my attempts at perfectionism was standing in the way of so much greatness, I am ready to redefine what "being perfect" means. My new definition now means to strive for excellence, to be brave and vulnerable enough to grow in front of an audience, to be a work in progress and know that IT'S OK!

So today, without fear, I introduce to you #everythingkrys!

It has been my dream to create a space where I can share all the valuable lessons I've learned throughout this fulfilling, yet wild ride called motherhood. Along with a space to share my love for photography, family travel, recipes, helpful tips and inspiration to make parenting a little easier and a whole lot more fun! 

Thank you for being a part of this new adventure with me, I hope you enjoy!

Huge, proud smiles,