Best Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Recipe, EVER.


I'm not a health nut, but I am pretty conscious about what I feed my family. I try my best to choose healthy options and make the majority of our meals from scratch. I don't mind the extra prep since it gives me a piece of mind knowing all the ingredients used in our meals.

 So, when it is time for a sweet treat, it's no different. We pull out a few simple ingredients and whip up  a batch of cookies. Baking from scratch sounds intimidating, but this cookie recipe is pretty easy. So easy that my son has been my little baking assistant since he was able to stand.

Over the years of baking these together, he practically knows the recipe by heart. My family and friends fell in love with these cookies even more since they know he's baking them with me. Now with Lily in the mix, our cookie making trio is cuter than ever! We make a batch or two and they only last for a few hours in the jar, hence the name... "Lukie's All Gone Cookies". Here’s the recipe to share with your family! 

cookie prepping with a then, 2 year old Chef Lukas

4 year old chef Lukas and 1 year old Lily baking together!

LUkas and Lily

Happy Baking,


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