OOTD: Chic Wardrobe Basics

I am always on the go, It’s been my life, for my whole life. Growing up in NYC meant I was taught to walk fast and think quick on my feet. It’s the only way I know!

I usually have little time in the morning to get dressed for the whole day, so my trick to a winning look is throwing on a combo of timeless pieces to take me through both modeling and mom’n duties.

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Clothing Subscription Box Review with Good Morning America

Just the thought of maneuvering through the crowds, shopping through a picked over selection and commuting to and from the store with bags and the kids, gives me the shakes.. Plus, where is the time to go to an actual store anyway?

So when Parents magazine + Good Morning America, hit me up and asked me to take part in this subscription box review I was excited to try it out.

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10 Tips for Dining Out With Children

Everything is going fine and then boom, a toddler meltdown in the middle of a packed restaurant with what feels like millions of judging eyes all around! All you wanted was a night off from cooking and a good time with the family but you got a night full of stress instead!  Well here’s a list of tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years to ensure the best dining experience for me and the family!

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Perfect Gift for The Mini Traveler

When was the last time you touched a globe? If you're anything like me, I haven't put my hands on a globe in a really long time!

Thanks to Kidzlane, they have reimagined this staple learning tool in a really cool way. This "Transformer globe" as Lukas likes to call it, transitions between a classic globe of the earth's view to a celestial globe at night automatically!  Showing all the constellations in the night's sky. 

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10 Products to Flawless Skin

As a model, having great skin is a major plus. I love arriving to set to hear the makeup artist compliment me on my skin. I'm like, who me? Why, thank you! With a big smile, knowing that with each phase of my life, my skin has been through some things! From childhood eczema to a face full of cystic acne during my first pregnancy, I'm happy to have finally made it to back to the good skin mountain top. 

Right now, I use a range of products from the drugstore, boutique beauty brands with a few high end products sprinkled in there. I’ve been doing this routine for a while now, and it been doing a great job at keeping my sensitive skin flawless. 

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