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This space is inspired by my life as a fashion model, mother of two and a family toting traveler. I look forward to sharing my adventures and tips of survival with you all as I navigate this fast paced life!

#everythingkrys = Everything criss

WHat does this even mean?

Pronounced more like \ˈev-rē-ˈting-kriss\ it's my take on the Jamaican phrase "everything criss" which means everything is alright. I grew up hearing this phrase on the streets of Crown Heights, Brooklyn where I grew up and adopted the phrase as my motto. It reminds me that no matter what life throws at you, in the end, everything will be just fine. 

My Tribe 

Mi família

I'm first generation American with my parents hailing from Antigua and Jamaica. I live in my hometown of Brooklyn, NY with my two incredible children: Lukas, 5 and Lily, 2. 

quintessential Sagittarius

tidbits about me

I'm in love with taking photos and I keep my camera on me at all times (total #momaratzzi) I'm super handy, love to cook, dance, total wine lover, completely obsessed with traveling to new countries and creating fun memories with my children.

'Bout that #modelife

Model me

While pursuing a Fashion Design degree at Miami International University of Art & Design, I was scouted and quickly started my modeling career. Since then, I've had the pleasure of working with top agencies, clients and photographers from around the world. Click here to find out a little more about model me.


Photo Credit:Ale Poveda

Photo Credit:Ale Poveda